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Some creative ways of mine.  



photography + photo editing + grahpic design + creative writing + brand development




17 years graphic design/content creation. First seven employed onsite. Last ten as a freelancer.  
Eight years seriously playing with cameras + editing photos and studying the art of photography.
Writing since I was taught how. Took my first (after-school) creative writing class in 3rd grade. 
Brand development (brain-storming ) since I realized that's what brains were designed to do.
This here YERWAY DESIGN is me, assisting me, in brand development. So many flippin' little details.

good to know(s)



good to know(s)

The only event photography I'll sign up for is being a fly on your wall, taking candid photographs of the people you liked enough (at the time), or (had to) invite. Also up for capturing families and pets in natural settings. Dig taking photographs of the exterior
of homes. Last but definitely not least, overjoyed to take candid photographs of group outings, or family, or loved one(s) on vacation. Peru is next on my bucket list. I prefer window seats but won't cry if that doesn't happen. I might pout, though. Warned you. ; ) 


good to know(s)

In 15 years, I've created countless designs. Please click here to view my portfolio, which I am presently updating as of Feb 8th, 2021. If you're interested in potentially collaborating, please reach out to express your creative needs. Upon request, I'll send you samples of similar work I've done in the past (if I have such). 
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The broad range is due to the complexity of a project, and the client's budget, which I try to work within unless there's no way I can create what they're envisioning in less than an hour ; ). Lower rates often apply to small business owners, non-profits, and woman business owners. FREE 15-30 minute call to discuss your creative needs. I hang up at 29 minutes and 59 seconds. If you read this, you'll understand why I abruptly hung up. Warned you. ; )



Found here (currently updating). Addtionally, every single element, photograph, and word on this website is a sample of my work. The only exception is in YER-SPIRATION-LAND. There, I will be highlighting the creative works of others who have inspired & guided me on my path. I will also be adding some of my creative work there. If a photograph anywhere on this site is not mine, I credit the capturer, except in the photo strips. The only photographs that aren't mine there, and the ones I'm in. I do have a  a NEGLECTED PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE.


Located on the WORD-WAY page, which I'll be adding to as they come, and posting past words. WORD-WAY-DISCLAIMER: The thoughts shared here are my thoughts at the time the piece was created. Sometimes thoughts and beliefs change. There, I also like to break (and sometimes) make up my own grammar rules. If you can't deal with broken grammar (at times) don't go there. Warned you. ; ). The spelling of YERWAY is a example of this + '' was taken + that's vanilla anyway. ; ) 


some of the woderful people I've collabotated with.




"Right now I'm grateful for my graphic artist, Aimee (because it's taken me 8 years of searching to find THE ONE.) Not only does Aimee take my vision and make it fabulous, she's reliable in a pinch, takes initiative, and meets every deadline. She's also fun to work with. Mair Hill: Owner of Mair Hill Consutling.  

"We really can't say enough good things about working with Aimee. From the very beginning of our working relationship, she demonstrated a commitment to professionalism, integrity, ingenuity, and kindness. She is extremely self-motivated and often offered us solutions to problems we hadn't even noticed we had yet. Her work ethic is refreshing and, somewhat surprising, given this entitled world we live in. But the best thing about Aimee is her humanity. Every person she deals with is met with, not just open-mindedness, but an open embrace of different and in your face kindness and acceptance. She has more integrity than most of the people we've met in our life."  Lisa Brennan-Winefield & Keri Brennan-Descoteaux: Sister Owners of Botanica Plant-Based Health

"You can't train someone to care. That's why Aimee has been an invaluable creative resource for Dolphin Creative for several years. She is passionate, creative, has a strong work-ethic and always gets us thinking outside the box.  We highly recommend Aimee." Brian Soifer: Owner of Dolphin Creative 

"Partnering with Aimee has allowed us to close the loop between the creative and end product. In doing so we have better control over the process and ultimately the deliverables. We are thrilled to have Aimee as a part of the team!" Mark Glickman: Founder of PIMS inc, NY

"Aimee is a true pleasure to work with. In working with Aimee on various advertising campaigns for my organization, she has always been incredibly responsive, agile and willing to adapt to our needs She is very honest and caring when it comes to client relationships,and has a great eye for design. Highly recommend Aimee​" Sarah M Harrell: Corporate affairs manager, RICS

"Aimee was a joy to work with building our company website. Her design ideas were just what we needed to set our Logo and website apart. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants a professional grade web presence". Bernie Schmidt: Creator, Greenland Communities

"Our organization engaged Aimee at a challenging time in our development. We had a basic branding scheme that we liked and wanted to maintain. But we also hoped to inject new energy into our look and feel. Aimee quickly assessed our situation and responded with a range of exciting options tailored to specific project needs. Her designs were clean and professional, and her communication skills and timeliness were excellent. We’d recommend Aimee to anyone." Erik Badger: Program Coordinator at Haiti Partners 

"Working with Aimee was effortless - she was very patient with me during the process of designing my logo. Her brilliant vision and artistic composition is exceptional. The end product was spot on and really exceeded my expectations.  Aimee is a true professional with unbelievable skill. I highly recommend Aimee to make your vision a reality." Nicole Hajdu: Relator 

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