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3 weeks before Mom took off from Earth, she told me to finish her Lifework.

For the past 26 years, I've been trying to figure out what that meant and how to finish. YERWAY DESIGN (in part) is me finally figuring it out and finding a way to express it.

If you want to learn about what Mom was working on, click here.

If you want to read about the development of YERWAY DESIGN, continue below. 

If you want to read about the afternoon Mom told me to finish, click here



YERWAY DESIGN first came to mind in October of 2012. I distinctly remember spending a whole weekend developing it. Time stopped. I forgot to eat.  I was wholly enveloped in creative-flow. However, soon thereafter, my world turned upside-down, and YERWAY DESIGN left my mind, I thought. I now understand it was put on hold to attend to some necessary internal work.   


In April of 2020, YERWAY DESIGN returned to mind, so I fetched the 2012 YERWAY DESIGN files from my 2008 laptop and started anew. Since then, I've been piecing the YERWAY DESIGN elements together. At times, it felt as if some pieces magically came together. YERWAY DESIGN + myself will forever be in continual development. I will be adding the flip-flop story to the WORD-WAY blog page soon. 


Before life flip-flopped, I was running the art department of a promotional products agency, practically alone. I liked and respected my boss (also the owner) very much, but could no longer sit in a 9-5ish box without windows, chasing deadlines. So I left and became a freelance visual artist in December of 2012. My wonderful boss kept me on as a freelancer until he found a replacement for me, and I had one other client in tow, but holy crap was I terrified of letting go of a consistent paycheck and all the other unknowns swirling about my head. I was, however, more scared of who I was becoming trapped in a 9-5ish deadline box without windows.  

In addition to my freelance work, I traveled a ton, studied the art of photography, and spent loads of time in nature with my camera.


I also dove into the worlds of Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Taoism, and, most recently, the relatively new Epigenetics science. All of which radically transformed the way I see the world and myself in it. 

​Taking pieces from and connecting the dots between the above disciplines opened my senses, heart, and mind to an understanding that thoughts, feelings, and emotions do indeed create individual (and collective) realities. AND if I wanted to change my reality, I needed to change my thoughts, feelings, and emotions about reality. This made conceptual sense to me, but I had many doubts at first. I also couldn't figure out how to incorporate what I was learning into my everyday life.

But then, in February of 2019, when I first began my studies into Epigenetics, something clicked. That proverbial light bulb switched on, and if by some magic, I went from conceptual understanding to an internal self-knowingness that continues to grow and deepen daily. 


What once felt like a continual struggle began to feel like I was riding in the Beatles 'Magical Mystery Tour' bus. A ride filled with bright colors, fun twists and turns, curious curveballs, wild synchronicities, and all sorts of playful, funny, wise, and goofy characters hangin' about the bus, 90% of the time.  


I will be sharing the other 10% of the time, plus more of my journey in writing pieces I will be adding to the WORD-WAY page. I will also be adding words I've written in the past there. It is my sincere hope this website will be a place anyone can go to for inspiration, support, maybe a laugh, or some good tears. 

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